SupremeBot Installation


After purchasing the SupremeBot, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a download link and an activation key. It might end up in the Spam folder.

Here are the installation steps to take after download SupremeBot.  Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Current latest version is Java 8. Java download can be found here –


To Install:

1. Unzip/extract/copy contents of zip folder into a separate folder.
2. Make sure Supreme Bot.jar is in the same location as TurboActivate folder.
3. Run the Supreme Bot.jar file. It will ask you for your license key.

Mac OS X

To Install:

1. Open file.
2. Make sure Supreme Bot.jar is in the same location as TurboActivate folder.
3. Right click on Supreme Bot.jar and click open while holding Control.



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With the installation of your SupremeBot now completed, it’s time to activate it.  A single purchase of the SupremeBot gives you one  license that you can only use on one computer. Once this license is entered and activated on your computer, you won’t be able to use it on another computer  (you can deactivate the bot by clicking on the minus symbol at the top right corner if you want to switch computers).

To  Activate:

1. Run the Supreme Bot.jar file. It will ask you for your license key.

2. Enter your license key and click “Activate”

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Using SupremeBot

Bot Mode (Browser/Browserless)

You can now choose between Browser or Browserless option by clicking the 3 lines icon in the top right corner.

Browser (Beta)
The new checkout system will open up a browser window and checkout automatically in the browser.

You will need to use Category Search option with prefix (see keywords below for proper format) and run the bot as usual. Be prepared to answer captchas manually if they popup in the browsers.

You will also need Google Chrome installed for the Browser version to work. (

*Please note that the Browser mode is still in Beta, and will not be 100% functional on every OS*

Classic desktop checkout method. You can either use Item Code, Item Name, or Category Search for this mode.

You will need to either set up a Captcha API or Manual captcha for this mode.

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Pro Scheduler

This feature allows the user to schedule the bot to start at a certain time. Best to schedule for 59:25 – 59:45. After choosing a time, press the Schedule button near Cancel. The item will be added to the middle window.

Please Note:  Do not schedule too much in advance, Supreme has banned some IP’s in the past who were refreshing their site too much.

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Proxy Support

You can add a proxy to use for the thread instead of using your ip. All proxies work (As long as it’s a private proxy). Format is IP:Port:User:Pass. For experienced users only.

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Refresh Time

In seconds. Ideal is 1. Supports only numerical values.

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Wait Time

This tells the bot to how long to wait before checking out. Suggested wait time is 4 seconds. This should be enough to avoid ghost orders.

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Keyword Search

There are four ways to search for an item. Item Code Search, Category Search, Item Name Search, and Hybrid Search (Still in testing). Each option works differently and cannot be combined. Only one of those 4 can be chosen.

Keyword Basics:

  1. Item Name, Item Code, or {Category}Item Name go into the keyword field.
  2. Size must be exactly as found on the supreme site: small, medium, large, xlarge, etc.
  3. If there is no size, use * for size
  4. Color must be exact or part of color. If color is heather grey, both heather grey and grey will work.

Item Name Search

If you want to search by item name only you will need to choose the Item Name Option. For the keyword you only need to enter the item name and choose the wanted size and color. If there is a space in the item name, you need to put the space. You do not need to enter the category prefix.

Ex. box logo sweatshirt.

Category Search

If you want to search by category, you need to choose the Category Search Option. You will need to put the appropriate category prefix in which your item is located. For jackets (shop/all/jackets) it will be {jackets}, for hats (shop/all/hats) it will be {hats}, etc. For example, it will be {hats}5 panel. Category prefixes are listed below.

Ex:{sweatshirts}box logo sweatshirt













Item Code Search

If you want to use the Item Code as the base keyword you will need to check the Item Code Search Option. This option only works for Items that are listed on the Shop/New section of the site. You don’t need to enter a color, just replace the color with *. So for example the keyword will be “Xisiz634mtg” and Color will be “*”  . This option only works in US/Canada and JP.

Ex: Xisiz634mtg

Please Note
: Each search option refreshes a different page and will cause failure if there is a mismatch. You cannot for example search by category and not choose the Refresh category option.

Keywords are available by clicking the Gear symbol in the top right corner. Keywords are uploaded after the UK release. They will also be updated every week on blog section and in our newsletter.

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Captcha Solver

When using Browserless mode, you will need to either harvest captcha tokens before the drop, or solve captcha manually.

Captcha Harvester:
To use it, simply click the © icon.

  1. You need to have an account with 2Captcha or AntiCaptcha and have added funds to the account. $5 dollar is more than enough.
  2. Each account has a unique API key. You need to enter that API key that is shown in your 2captcha account into the bot by clicking the c icon/copyright icon.
  3. The new version has a token generation schedule feature. You need to schedule it for a minute prior to release. It is advisable for this release to have 2 tokens for each item you are settings. So if you are attempting to get 4 items, 8 tokens is ideal. Thread count should be half of total tokens. 8 tokens = 4 threads.If the button inside the catpcha windows says Stop, it’s running. If it says Start it is not running. Don’t pay attention to the time set, every time you open it will say 10:59:00. That is done for convenience.

Manual Captcha Solver:
To use it, simply click the M icon, choose the amount of captchas, and solve the captchas if they appear.

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Creating a Profile: 

1. Click New Profile
2. Enter Name
3. Click Okay
4. Fill Out Form
5. Save Profile

Editing a Profile: 

1. Choose Profile
2. Click Edit Profile
3. Make Any Needed
4. Save Profile

Deleting a Profile:

1. Choose Profile
2. Click Clear Profile

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Running the Bot

How to Run the Bot

Once you choose a profile, enter keyword, and refresh time click ADD. The item will appear in the middle window. Once release time is close click START ALL.

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Updating the Bot

Updating the Bot

Updates are pushed regularly to make sure the bot is always aligned with supreme’s most recent changes. For this reason, it is important that you update the bot every time the pop-up appears in your bot. 


To update the bot, follow these steps:

1. Click “Ok” on the new update pop-up after opening your bot.

2. Close the SupremeBot

3. A new download of Supreme Bot.jar will start

4. Replace the new Supreme Bot.jar file with the previous one in the SupremeV2 folder. (Do not touch the other files)

5. Open the bot again

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