Does SupremeBot guarantee a purchase?

The bot will significantly increase your chances in buying an item you are seeking. There is no existing bot on the market that can guarantee a purchase due to different variables such as: your internet speed, your ping to, load speed of the site due to heavy traffic, or if Supreme makes on the spot changes to their site.

What Countries are supported?

SupremeBot supports USA/CANADA, UK, & Japan stores.

What operating system does SupremeBot work on?

SupremeBot is a Java based program that can be run on any pc with Java installed. (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

Does SupremeBot work with shoes?

Yes, SupremeBot will allow you to select your shoe size and checkout. SupremeBot works will all items.

Can I buy multiple items?

Yes, you can but shipping cannot be combined. Each item is bought separately.

What if Supreme updates their website?

In the event that Supreme updates their online store, we will do out best to work around this as quickly as possible and push out an update.

Will updates be provided?

Yes, new updates will be free to all customers. An update alert will pop up when ever a new update has been made.

Does this work on my iPhone or mobile device?

No. PC/OSX only.

A mobile version is in the works and should be available in 2017.

Can I get a refund for the SupremeBot?

A refund will be given within 7 days of purchase if clear video proof can show that the bot did not function at all or did not find the item page when all options were correctly set.

I click on Supreme Bot.jar but nothing happens?

Sometimes the path to Java is incorrectly set. Please download file. Once you have downloaded it, please place it in the same folder where Supreme Bot.jar is located. Double click Supreme Bot.bat file. It should open the bot.

I'm getting a ``Error Starting App! null`` message?

Make sure to install the SupremeBot folder on your desktop and not in the Program Files folder.

I'm getting a ``ERROR_WRONG_USER_KEY`` message?

Make sure the Captcha Settings (from AntiCaptcha or 2Captcha), more specifically the API key, are correctly copied from site.

Does SupremeBot charge a seasonal fee?

Yes. At the start of each next season you have the option to renew for an additional 20$.

Download link does not work. Is there a mirror?


SupremeBotUpdater Link

I have a question that is not answered here, how do I reach out to you?

You can email us directly at